How to ace that job interview

Merrystaffing July 8, 2016 0job interview

Prepare yourself!

Do research on the company that you are interviewing with.  It is important that you ask informed questions about your potential new company.

Everyone is different: We all come to the job with different experiences.  Ask your interviewer what an average day’s workload entails.  From start to finish.

Be yourself!  It is easy to get caught up on what other people might expect from you, but interviews work both ways.  If you are the right candidate for the job, you will feel confident that you can handle the position.

Dress for the job. If your day is going to be in a warehouse, do not show up in a three piece suit

Get to your interview a few minutes early, not hours.  10 minutes is acceptable.

Be confident with your skills, not cocky.  Having confidence that you can achieve the expectations set forth is appealing to potential employers.  But saying that you are the best worker to ever step foot on the planet is a red flag.

Be honest about your work history

It’s important that you are interviewing for THE job not just any job

Here is what we are looking for in a New Hire:



Well-spoken with clear communication skills

Listening skills

Signs that indicate you work well with others

Having a great personality that can add positively to a team

Finishing up the interview

Reiterate you interest in the position

Show excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity

Have confidence in being able to do the job


Now be patient.  These decisions take time.  

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