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Using key words that are common to the industry that you are interested in, will be caught by search engines and recruiters; Increasing the likelihood that your resume makes it through the first round of screening.

A good thing to do is search for positions that you are interested in and use the same words they use to describe the position- in your resume. Some software systems automatically notify recruiters when a resume comes in with all the right keywords. Keywords, also make it easier for recruiters to find appropriate candidates via resume search engines.

Keywords include job titles common to the industry or positions that you’re seeking, skill sets, certifications, licenses, location, degrees and high-profile companies. A Fortune 500 company or a distinguished university can light up an application. All the resumes I find through resume databases, are found by a key word search.

Keywords can be effective anywhere in a resume. Search engines don’t distinguish the location of the key words, just that they are in there.


This is not a guarantee that you will get the job. This will help you in getting your resume headed in the right direction. Follow up, don’t be passive. The person or small group of people get inundated with resumes on line. Call, make an appointment. Don’t wait to be contacted. Just keep in mind that when we post one job, we get hundreds of resumes showing up in our in box- but the people that call us directly, usually get the appointment.


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