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There may be some misconceptions about what an interviewer is looking for- when they meet you.  You have already been selected out of 10’s or 100’s for the interview based on your job history, education or merit.  Now the fun part starts … they get to learn who YOU are… And YOU get to tell them.

There are some characteristics that score very high for me- both in a professional and personal aspect.  With the ever-changing work environment:  round tables, open offices etc. I want someone that will excel working on a team.  Yes, of course there are jobs that are very individualized, but even those employees report to management and cooperate with work peers.

So, what are some things that I like in a person?

Out of the box thinkers that can align their thoughts with a team.  Industries change; And the individuals with-in an organization must be innovative and flexible to change too. When I’m hiring someone, or recommending a person for hire, I’m looking for someone who has taken a chance at some point, a person who has advocated for themselves in some way.

I want to hire someone who has made conscious decisions about the direction they have taken- Good or Bad.  As a wise woman once said- it is just as important to know what you DON’T like to do, as much as it is to know what you DO like to do.  Someone that has found their voice… or has the motivation and courage to take the first step in finding it.

What does this person look like on the inside?

A person with their own ideas…and isn’t afraid to share those ideas with the people around them.

A person who loves learning, and is more apt to say “I don’t know”, than, “I already know.”

A person who is goal oriented, and has a proven record of attaining set goals.

A person who has a sense of humor, because I don’t want to work with anyone that doesn’t have one.

These are the immediate things that I am drawn to.  Not only do I think possessing these makes for an excellent employee, but I think that they are pretty great to have at the dinner table too!

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