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The New Year may be just what you need to get the job search on its way!

Some things to keep in mind while you are pursuing your next career move.

Branding and Marketing-Streamlining your skills on all platforms

Branding and Marketing- for you! Branding is defining who you are and how you would like to be perceived.  Marketing is how you get in front of your audience.  Streamline your brand.  We all have more than one useful skill.  So get the bigger picture across to your audience of how you can utilize your skills that will help your new employer grow.

Branding- Define you- In terms of your career-  This is the how an interviewer or recruiter will “see” you. Be specific with your consistent skills- and how they have influenced the success in your last jobs.  Make sure that there is consistency across all social and professional platforms that are geared towards your career.  It will not behoove you to go on a long diatribe about your skills.  In a few sentences or a paragraph…”Tell me about your professional career driven-self.”  Your brand should describe what you do professionally, and convey how you set yourself apart from everyone else.  What makes you unique?

When you are writing your resume, instead of listing skills- write in brief a situation in which you shined in the face of challenges- using your skills.

Marketing yourself is the next step!

We are so fortunate to have so many social platforms to Market ourselves!

Now that we have a great resume that is representative of who we are, get it out there!  There are some avenues: Professional sites, applying to jobs- on -line and in person, and social networking.

In brief, when you are applying to open positions, make sure to get contact information for the person in human resources reading your resume.  That may take some investigative work, but it’s worth it.  It is also great to reference information about the company that you are applying to in your cover letter.

Keeping professional connections is important.  Even if you are changing fields, potential employers want to talk to the people you have worked with.  Providing the right references is important.  The higher up on the ladder, the better.  If a CEO is giving you a good reference, that is a great step!!!

Once you start putting yourself out there as a prospective employee, utilize all the available avenues to be seen.  Respond to feedback- positive and negative.  Job searching is an arduous task, that takes endurance, commitment and confidence.  Don’t get discouraged!  The right job is out there for you!

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