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Short Story of Our Company

Corporate Overview

Established in 1963, The Merry Group brings you 50+ years of service experience. We offer high-quality placements, creative problem solving and a team of dedicated professionals whose goal is to find the right individual or position for you!

Over the years, The Merry Group has gained national recognition as a minority-owned business for its involvement and commitment to the staffing services industry. As an independent firm, our success is based on our entrepreneurial spirit to provide excellent service, commitment plus flexibility, all while being creative with a sense of urgency. Our personalized approach is tailored to meet the individual needs of every client.

Merry Targeted Staffing functions as the one source for all your placement needs. We work across a diverse set of industries offering a wide range of services.

Our History

1963 – Merry Staffing is founded as the first woman-owned regional temporary personal service in Connecticut initially focused on legal secretaries.

1965 – After 2 years, Merry expanded its services to include a full range of office support personnel, ranging from entry-level clerks to legal secretaries, executive assistants and mid to high level managers.

1980 – Frequent client requests for technical personnel resulted in expanding services to include accounting, bookkeeping and actuarial placements.

1989 – Upon client demand for reliable, quality, skilled and unskilled labor, yet another expansion of services emerged to include a full range of candidates including drivers, assemblers, general laborers, maintenance, warehouse, machine operators, through and including skilled tradesmen and engineers.

our Founder


Sally Merry

Founder & CEO

Sally Merry is Founder and CEO of the first privately held, woman owned staffing company in Connecticut.  She brings her in-depth knowledge, passion, integrity and courageous entrepreneurial spirit to being one of the most reputable staffing firms in New England and has been a leader in the industry for over 50 years.

Mrs. Merry states that her passion is “helping individuals get on the path to reaching their highest potential and exceeding client’s expectations.”